Mr. Sandip Joshi
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He began his marathon practice in the year 2013 with Pune . This later extended to other major metro cities of the country namely Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Nasik, Auranagabad,Bengaluru etc. With a vision to make Ahmednagar a better place both economically as well as extract potential runners in the city, began the journey of Nagar Rising Half Marathon. He aims for Ahmednagar to be visible in the world sports arena and also attract outstation runners as well as inculcate health as an important aspect in an individual’s life.

Through the help of sports spirit, it will inspire positive habits and enthusiastic attitude towards sports also providing the local runners with a platform to feed their passion. Beginning with a 5 member team, with the help and support of Mr NarendraFirodia,NRM today stands sturdily with a 60 member team that had 12000+ runners for the marathon held in 2018.

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