Mr. Narendra Firodia


Nagar Rising Foundation revolves around the need to make Ahmednagar a fit and healthy city as well as attain visibility on the map of Sports Arena in India. This foundation supports sports and sportsman; the talent around the society which is ready to shine. By creating a platform for individuals out there who are ready to unveil their hidden talents, Nagar Rising will be seen as a responsibility towards our society. Therefore, this Foundation will work together to create a sporty and healthy atmosphere around the society.

About Nagar Rising


Nagar Rising Half Marathon is an annual event organized in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), by the Nagar Rising Foundation. The Marathon takes place on the first Sunday of February every year in support of World Cancer Day and to spread awareness about cancer.

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Nagar Rising Foundation & Nagar Rising Half Marathon.

Phone: 022-26651520/23
Address: Namoha Industries Compound, Near Pune Bus Stand,Ahmednagar, MH, India.